Russia Is Officially Sending Troops to Occupied Donbas — Putin’s Decrees

Russian President Volodymyr Putin, after recognizing the so-called «LDNR» in Donbas, issued decrees which include the introduction of Russian troops into the occupied territories of Ukraine, allegedly to «maintain peace.»

Note: the «Donetsk People's Republic» and «Luhansk People's Republic» are unrecognized and self-proclaimed terrorist quasi-state formations established by Russian commanders and pro-Russian separatist political leaders in the certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine.

The published documents state that in connection with the appeal of the leaders of the «Donetsk People's Republic» and «Luhansk People's Republic», the Russian Defense Ministry is instructed to ensure the implementation of the Armed Forces «peacekeeping functions» in these territories. This is stated in Putin's decrees, which are published on the official Internet portal of legal information in Russia.

Local ORDLO groups are already spreading information about the movement of Russian military equipment and buses with the Russian military on occupied territories.

Today, following a meeting of the Security Council of Russia on Monday, February 21, Russian President Volodymyr Putin decided to recognize the self-proclaimed «DPR» and «LPR» in Donbas.

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